Welcome to CAPSLOCK Pre-course!

The CAPSLOCK pre-course is built to develop the pre-requisite skills you need to be successful on the full CAPSLOCK course. It also allows you to get a good understanding of cyber security and make sure this is a career path you want to undertake before making any formal commitment.

How this pre-course is structured

We’ve broken this required pre-course work down into three fundamental sections.

  • Cyber 101
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking Fundamentals

Within each section, there will be a number of areas and topics. The structure of the course is as follows;

Section > Lesson Area > Topic

For example: Cyber 101 (Section) > Introduction to Cyber Security (Lesson Area) > What is cyber security? (Topic)

As you work through pre-course, your progress is saved against your account and you can complete the pre-course work over a period of weeks or even months.

Things to know

  • Topics will include a combination of a video, text to read, or an Immersive Lab. This is made apparent by the naming convention of each individual topic.
  • The hands-on labs are provided by our partner, Immersive Labs. For the labs, there will be a link in the topic, and you will be taken to a new tab to complete this.
  • You are free to explore other Immersive Labs and follow your interests. There are 260+ labs available on their platform.
  • Support is available via the CAPSLOCK pre-course Slack channel

Course Content

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Cyber 101
Operating Systems
Networking Fundamentals
4. Immersive Labs