Create your Immersive Labs account

How to setup your free Immersive Labs Account

As part of CAPSLOCK pre-course, you get free access to Immersive Labs. It’s an awesome environment where you can practice hands-on cyber skills and become familiar with many of the real-life tech tools frequently used in the workplace. 

1. To create your account, head to 

2. Use the same email as you used to create your CAPSLOCK account

3. Use the code: CAPSLOCK-IML-2022 when registering (You’ll need to accept cookies before you can tick the privacy policy box)

4. Confirm your email address and activate your account

5. Complete your profile and include your full name in your username. Make sure the profile visibility box is ticked like below.

Congrats! You now have an Immersive Labs account. 

Some of the lessons in pre-course will include Immersive Labs, but you’re free to explore!