Tuition Finance

CAPSLOCK offer four ways to finance your tuition costs. Income Share Agreements, Lendwise Student Loan, Pay with Knoma, or Paying up-front. In this post, we’ll talk about those four options and how you can check your eligibility for each finance option, without making any commitments or going through a hard credit check.

Income Share Agreement

Instead of paying tuition up-front, an ISA allows you to pay for tuition by agreeing to share 15% of your future income for 36 months (36 installments). Re-payments only start after graduation and when you being to earn over £27,000 a year. You’ll never re-pay more than £18,000, even if you earn the big bucks, and after 6 years the ISA simply goes away, even if you haven’t paid it back.

ISAs are awarded on your future potential, not your past academic record or credit score. Completing the CAPSLOCK pre-course work is one of the only requirements. For more information about ISAs, head to and check out the ISA page and the FAQ.

Pay Up-front

Investing in yourself is one of the best long-term investments you can make. To enrol at CAPSLOCK, you can simply pay £9,000 (Inc VAT), which covers the up-front tuition fee. Unless you obtain an exemption, we still expect you to complete the pre-course work and chat with our admissions team before enrolling.

Pay With Knoma

Spread the tuition cost over a year with a 12-month interest-free loan with Knoma.
Head to to get started.

Lendwise Student Loan

The Lendwise Student Loan is an unsecured, personal loan which covers your tuition fee. Think of car finance, but instead of financing a care, you’re financing your education. With Lendwise, you’ll be able to take out a loan of up to £9,000 which can be paid back over 2-6 years. The interest rates average at 10% APR and there are no early re-payment fees. To check you eligibility, you’ll need to register with Lendwise and fill out their first form. You’ll receive a provisional offer before they ask you for documents or before they do a credit check,

Step 1: Register
Input your details to register and select “Professional qualification / Training course / Bootcamp” as the type of loan.  

Step 2: Fill out the application form accurately and use the following information when prompted;

Course Details Section
Institution: Capslock
Degree/Course: Cyber Security Bootcamp
Application Status: Accepted
Commencement Date: (Put in your preferred start date)
Course Duration: 6 month (PT) or 4 months (FT)
Last page
Tuition Fee (loan amount): £9,000

If you need to change your tuition finance option or want to discuss your options, contact [email protected] or DM the team on Slack.