What You Need to Complete in Pre-course

Welcome to CAPSLOCK pre-course! This post is an introduction to pre-course and it explains the work you need to complete before being accepted on the full course at CAPSLOCK.

What is pre-course?

Pre-course is a self-paced study zone covering topics such as computer science, networking fundamentals, operating systems, and more. You can get support from other learners, or the CAPSLOCK team, at any time once you’ve joined the Slack chat (more on that soon).

Before you start on the full CAPSLOCK course, we’ll need you to complete the required pre-course work for three reasons;

  • To make sure you’ve got the right foundational skills to start on the full CAPSLOCK course
  • To allow you to explore what cyber security might be like as a career path before making any commitments
  • For us to make sure we award places based on a desire to learn and do well, not just academic/employment history

Our Lead Tutors have hand picked some of the best e-learning materials available and have brought them together to serve as a foundation to a career in cyber security.

Is pre-course like the full course?

Nope! Pre-course is all self-study. On the full CAPSLOCK course, you’ll receive over 360 hours of live, instructor-led tuition delivered on our digital campus. You’ll get a CAPSLOCK G-suite Edu account, access to the CAPSLOCK LMS, full CAPSLOCK Slack group, unlimited access to 1000+ cyber labs, mentoring from an industry professional, one-to-one coaching, one-to-one careers support and counselling, and access to our employer network. It’s like being ‘on-campus’, but with all the benefits of learning from home.

What do I need to complete in pre-course?

Complete the pre-course content here on enrol.capslock.ac

As part of the conditions of your enrolment, you will need to complete the course called ‘CAPSLOCK Pre-course’ (https://enrol.capslock.ac/courses/pre-course/). This course includes;

  • Cyber 101 (13 individual lessons)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (17 individual lessons)
  • Networking Fundamentals (26 individual lessons)

Immersive Labs

Throughout the pre-course, there will be integrated labs. These are either theory-based labs, or practical hands-on labs. They are hosted by our partner, Immersive Labs and as part of your application to CAPSLOCK, you get 100% free access to these.

In a pre-course lesson, there will be a combination of video lessons, text to read, and an Immersive Lab. Instructions are always provided in the lessons.

Instructions to set up your Immersive Labs account are in the next lesson in this Getting Started course.

You’re also free to explore other Immersive Labs if you want to continue learning. Some of the Immersive Labs can be challenging but full support can be provided in the CAPSLOCK Slack group. There are 262 labs available to complete.

Get help from CAPSLOCK tutors and other learners on the pre-course Slack

If you get stuck at any point, you can reach out to the CAPSLOCK team or the learner community on our Slack channel. Instructions on how to sign up to the Slack channel can be found in the next lesson.

Additional Resources

There are a number of other lessons you can get stuck into once you’ve completed the required pre-course work. You can find lessons on computer science, coding, careers in cyber security, and more. https://enrol.capslock.ac/courses/additional-resources