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4. Immersive Labs

1.3.4 Introduction to Open Source Intelligence (Video + Lab)

This topic includes a video lesson and an Immersive Lab.

Video Lesson

In the video you will be introduced to open source intelligence, also known as OSINT.

Immersive Lab

There is a common misconception that once data is deleted from the Internet, it’s gone forever. This is not true; there are now a wide range of services that allow you to recover deleted data. This lab will demonstrate that even when you think something is deleted – it isn’t.

This lab can sometimes be a little tricky. Reach out in the #pre-course-help channel in Slack if you get stuck. Here are some clues;

  1. March 2018
  2. Hover over the Tweet’s timestamp to uncover the time it was posted. (ie, where it says ‘5m’ to indicate it was posted 5 minutes ago.)