Cyber 101
Operating Systems
Networking Fundamentals
4. Immersive Labs

1.4.1 Packet Analysis and Wireshark (Video + Optional Lab)

Video Lesson

In the video, we join Kevin Mitnick, a renown penetration tester, who shows how easy it can be to eavesdrop on any fibre optic internet connection.

Immersive Lab: Introduction to Wireshark

We’ve marked this lab as optional until additional guidance is added to this less. It’s a challenging lab but we recommend having a go and spending some time getting to know Wireshark. If it’s too difficult now, come back to it at the end of pre-course and have another go.

Wireshark is a free, open-source packet analyser. A network packet analyser attempts to capture network packets and displays the data in a format that offers as much detail as possible.  Wireshark will not manipulate things caught on the network; it will only ‘measure’ things from it. Let’s take a closer look in this Practical Immersive Lab.