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4. Immersive Labs

2.2.6 Linux Command Line (2 x Labs)

Following on from the video in the last topic, we’re going to tackle a number if Linux-focused Immersive Labs so we can practice the commands we learnt in lessons 2.5. When you’re doing the Immersive Labs, don’t forget to read the ‘info’ tab in the lab once it has loaded.

Lab #1: Moving around in Linux, using the command line

In this lab, you will learn some basics of the Linux command line (CLI) and how to navigate within it. You will be required to change directories, list files and investigate them.

Lab #2: Changing Things in Linux using command line

The Linux command line is widely used to perform all manner of tasks, from configuring networks to creating and editing files. In this lab, we will explore manipulating files and folders via the command line.

Tip: Make sure you’re in the right place by using the pwd command. If a token isn’t being created, it’s likely down to creating files or directories in the wrong place 🙂